Art falls out on my head and heart; I use it to express emotions and convey thoughts, feelings, visions, and commentary.  If you know me in real life, you know that I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I like to tell stories with art.  Art is an extension of me, perhaps like another ear or eye or belly button.  I make art because I feel, imagine, experience, and observe. Using color, texture, paint, layers and found objects, cardboard, canvas, paper, magazine clippings and wood to help me express what I see in the world.  Many objects in my art are things I have found, things others have lost.  If you have lost something I may have found it.  Find adventures, create something, use your imagination or enjoy someone else’s.

Artist's Biography

Melissa Smith was born in rural Maryland.  Based in Hagerstown MD for the last ten years, she is mostly self-taught except for a brief, photography internship in Baltimore MD, and some tips when she was younger from her grandfather. 

Like a little bird building its nest, she takes useful and interesting things that she finds, combines them with her heart and imagination, and applies them to canvas, wood, cardboard, or shadowboxes. Melissa has also been commissioned for album covers for several bands that noticed her flying by.